New to Riding

TryRIDE – experience the freedom of two wheels

If you have ever wondered why so many people opt for the freedom, convenience and thrill that only motorcycles, mopeds and scooters (powered two-wheelers or PTWs) can offer, then you are in the right place and TryRIDE is the perfect first-step to learning more.

Life is stressful enough without having to contend with traffic jams and longer journey times. Riding any type of powered two-wheeler will leave life’s treadmill behind, replace stress with a smile, reduce your travel times and bring a simple convenience back to your everyday journey. You will also save money, help to improve our environment and get control over how and when you travel.

The MCIA is the UK Trade Association for the PTW industry and MCIA RIDE is dedicated to enabling all riders to get the best out of a life on two wheels, by providing top-quality training.

TryRIDE is part of MCIA RIDE and is a popular, fun and safe taster-experience that helps new riders to understand just how easy it is to learn to ride a PTW. Most people who attend a TryRIDE session quickly recognise the benefits of riding, whilst feeling better informed and motivated to book further training.

MCIA RIDE recognises the growing importance of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters as a sensible alternative to driving cars and offers TryRIDE with the quality assurances that can only be guaranteed by booking training with an MCIA RIDE accredited training school. Regardless of where you book your TryRIDE session, you will enjoy the same high-quality, engaging and fun training experience.

Finding your nearest MCIA TryRIDE registered training school

With a national network of accredited training schools, an MCIA TryRIDE training venue will always be close at hand. Once booked, you will receive confirmation, plus details of what to bring and what to wear.

To locate your nearest TryRIDE training school, click here.

Putting you at ease

When you arrive for your TryRIDE experience, your instructor will take time to explain the whole process, assess your specific needs and answer any questions. This will include a short discussion about the importance of wearing protective clothing and help getting ‘geared-up’. Your TryRIDE training instructor will also ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.

Fun, hands-on and fully interactive

TryRIDE is a fun, hands-on and fully interactive experience. Your instructor will start with an explanation of how the main controls of the motorcycle or scooter work, followed by a simple overview of how to sit on the bike, stow the stand and start/stop the engine.

TryRIDE is designed with your safety in mind and adopts a step-by-step methodical approach to pulling away and stopping, whilst all the time adapting to your personal progress and level of skill.

Once your instructor is confident in your ability to pull-away and stop, you will progress on to riding independently at slow speed. These basic first steps will allow you to experience how easy, fun and enjoyable it is to ride a motorcycle, moped or scooter.

MCIA accredited training schools operate to the highest standards and undergo ongoing checks to ensure that these standards are maintained. We firmly believe that rider safety is underpinned by the quality assured training that is delivered only by MCIA RIDE training schools. An MCIA TryRIDE taster-session is the perfect stepping stone to completing Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and learning to ride.

Most people enjoy TryRIDE

Most people greatly enjoy their TryRIDE experience and we hope that this will be the case for you. Once the riding element is complete, your instructor will offer feedback, answer any questions and discuss your next steps. Specific training needs will also be discussed and in some cases, a second TryRIDE session may be recommended. 

Following your TryRIDE session, even if you don’t want to immediately book your CBT, you can expect to receive more information from your instructor. They will further explain next steps and the route to gaining a full motorcycle licence. You will also be asked to give important TryRIDE feedback.

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